#TBT to New York Fashion Week last Fall & This Article on Wearable Tech!

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New York Fashion Week & New iPhone in the Same Week: Coincidence? We Think Not!

It’s no coincidence - at least it shouldn’t be - that Samsung and Apple both scheduled their latest high-profile tech gadget releases in the very same week that fashion’s finest are converging on New York City for arguably the biggest fashion event of the year.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is in full swing in New York City and people’s Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest feeds are chock-full of photos and mentions of Vera Wang, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham and the like. Today, those feeds will likely be overtaken by live tweeting/blogging and real-time updates from Apple’s rumored iPhone 5c and 5s unveiling event.

The timing of these events makes sense to us. Wearable-tech has been a buzzword for a few years now, but as Christina Farr of VentureBeat puts it, “The biggest hurdle to wearables hitting the mainstream isn’t technology. It’s fashion.”

With the Delaware St Collection, we think we’ve overcome that hurdle. While wearable-tech is often confined to gadgets in a lot of people’s minds, we believe that wearable-tech doesn’t only include smart devices that can tell you how many calories you’ve burned today or smartwatches that display text messages from your phone and predict the weather.

Rather, wearable-tech also includes what we refer to as technology laced apparel.

Farr continues, “After all, once you put a device on your body, it becomes an expression of who you are.” That’s what you get with the Delaware St Collection. We aim to empower folks to express who they are through the highest quality light up hooded sweatshirt that’s on the market.

Quality materials and attention to detail are the pillars of all ElectricMVMT glow hoodies. From our hand selected brushed knit fleece fabric and modern tailored fit, to the rugged lock-stitch seam construction and our industry leading Electrope™ lighting integration, this light up sweatshirt is founded on comfort, engineered for durability, and defines innovation.

When shopping for your technology laced apparel, remember: Not all hoodies are created equal.


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